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Is it necessary for the prescription glasses to have UV protection?

When I was purchasing glasses at the optical store,the salesgirl highly recommended a UV protection add-on to the lenses. I don't like the dim world looking through it.Is it necessary to have the UV protection?
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  • Rebecca


    You shall consult your optician what lenses coating he/she add on the lenses. If it is UV coating, it can provide your UV protection. If it is anti-reflective lens coating, they can only protect the eyes from reflective light from monitor screen. If you want UV protection, you shall ask your optician add UV coating to your eyeglasses when you buy it.
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  • ctakah4ik


    I think it is unnecessary for prescription glasses to have UV protection. Some kinds of prescription glasses have UV protection already. So make sure whether your glasses can block UV rays already before you add a UV protection.
  • cristoph


    It is better for the glasses to have UV protection to reduce the harms caused to your eyes.If you don't like the dim sight looking through it,you can choose the polycarbonate lenses which can block UV rays automatically but not 100%.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Too much UV exposure can cause cataracts later on in life and UV protection should not make things look dim.Maybe you need to change another place to get prescription glasses with UV protection.

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