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Are sunglasses the bigger the better?

I have seen many people wear oversize sunglasses this summer. It seems to give your eyes full protection. Does this mean that it is better to wear bigger sunglasses?
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  • Luthy


    No. Some people are not suitable for bigger sunglasses. If they wear these bigger sunglasses for a long time, they will get dry eye and eye fatigue. Sometimes they will feel dizzy. In the long run, it will damage the eysight.
  • cap081291


    No,the sunglasses are not always the bigger,the better. If the size of sunglasses is too big, the curve of the lenses has also to be big. Once the curve is more than 15°,your vision will be uneven when looking through it and can cause eyes tired easily. You can also have dizziness.
  • Anthony gary


    Yes, I think so. In the first place, bigger sunglasses are really fashionable for most people. Many people look really great and beautiful in bigger sunglasses. It is a fashionable way for our dressing up and aiso helps to protect our eyes from more dazzling sunlight. Bigger sunglasses that almost cover half of our face can also keep the skin around our eyes from aging quickly as a result of exposing to ultraviolet rays. What's more, bigger sunglasses can make our face look smaller and thinner.