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Can children younger than 6 wear sunglasses?

The summer is coming and light outside is so dazzling.I don't want my child eyes get burned. Can he also wear sunglasses if he is younger than 6?
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  • Kevin


    You might think it twice before jumping to equip your kids with a pair of sunglasses. It is not advisable, according to ophthalmologist, for children to wear sunglasses for long. But an hour or two for their tender eyes might do some good. Do keep the moderation, as kid's visual function is not mature and needs brighter light and clear image stimulation. Longtime wearing of sunglasses will impair their vision development. If you have to, do pick out a quality pair of sunglasses that blocks 99-100 percent of UV rays and let them wear as little as possible.
  • Diane Rhone


    Although children's eyes are easier to get damaged than adults, the development of children's eyesight is in need of the stimulation of the normal light. If they are completely isolated from the UV rays, it will affect the development of the normal sight. So when children who are younger than 6 go outside, they can wear good sunglasses for one or two hours.
  • walkingbassline


    Children who are less than 6 years old should wear sunglasses in proper time. The quality of the sunglasses can also affect the eyesight of children. If they wear sunglasses with low quality, it can not give full protection from UV rays, whereas, it may lead to some eye diseases due to hygiene probems. So be sure to choose the best sunglasses for your children and they'd better wear sunglasses for severel hours when they are exposed to the strong light.
  • Cassidy bell


    You'd better not to give sunglasses to children younger than 6 years old. For this ages' child, their eyes are in the process of development. They need brighter light or distinct image for them to stimulate the eyeball with bright or dark's comparison. That will help the child's eyeball develop well till maturation. Overprotection with sunglasses will decrease the comparison of stimulation that help child to get normal growth. The eyeballs will stop the development; and it will lead to weak sight. You can give your child a hat when the sunshine's too bright. You know most of the major sunglasses factory, they even have no such kind of glasses for little child.
  • hand_in_glove_


    If the intensity of sunshine is not too strong, you'd better not let your child wear the sunglasses. According to what the ophthalmologists say, letting the child wear the sunglasses for 1 or 2 hours may help them protect their eyes in the strong sunshine. But the time should not be long because the immature visual function of eyes needs more bright light to stimulate. Or else, their normal visual development will be damaged if wearing sunglasses for a long time, even may leading to the amblyopia. Thus, not let your child wear the sunglasses by just walking in the place where the sunshine is not that bright.
  • Gabriella


    If you wanna take your little kids under 6 years old for some outdoor activities under the strong sunshine, letting them wear shades may be cool and a useful protection in many parents' minds. From optical doctors' perspective, it can make sense for children below 6 years old for 1-2 hours wearing sunglasses, which can protect their eyes to some extent. However, it may have some bad effects on these young generations' eyes for a long time wearing. Due to some vision functions of children which are mostly not mature enough, their eyes require much more sunshine to stimulate, so that shades for protection may affect the development of their eyes when they are young. What's worse, it might lead to weak sight problems to some degree. To conclude, before 6 years old, you'd better not let your children to wear shades or sunglasses, even they look lovely or cool with them.

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