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Can you wear contacts before cataract surgery?

I am gonna to take an cataract surgery. IS it Ok to wear contact lenses right now?
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  • walgru


    No, you can't wear contact before cataract surgery. Cataract means you have cloudy lens and bluror defocused vision. Contact lenses can help you see clear, but it can't treat cataract. The cataract surgery help you take out your crystalline lens and put an artificial lens instead. After the surgery, you don't need to wear glasses or contacts and your vision will be clearer, brighter and sharper. But if you really want to wear, you can talk with your doctor and ask him to give you appropriate advices.
  • Samuel rodney


    No, you'd better not wear the contact lenses before the cataract surgery which will make the eyes feel dry. What's more, if the eyes get inflammation because of the long time wearing of contact lenses, they are not suitable to accept the cataract surgery. You should make the eyes nicked before the cataract surgery.
  • eddy


    No, before cataract surgery, you cannot wear contacts. Because contacts touch the cornea directly, they have certain influence on the cornea. If do not take off the contacts before the examination of the surgery, the data showed would not be accurate, which will influence the process of the surgery scheme made by the doctor and will affect the effect of the surgery.

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