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How to make my eyes less red after crying?

After crying, my eyes are very red and puffy. Is there any way that can help me reduce those red eyes?
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  • smith


    Our tears are salty, when we cry, the salt in the fluid of our tears will attracts more water into the tissue around the eyes, so that our eyes will get swollen and red after crying. The best way to make the eyes less red is to apply something cold around the eyes which mean a cold compress. Several slices of cold cucumber, cold wash cloth or used tea bags also can help with it. Choose any one of them as you like and put them on your eyes, and then remove them after about 10 minutes. P.S. don't rub your eyes whatever you do.


    First, I think you should know that it's normal to cause red eyes after you have been crying for a long time. Because tears can keep your eyes moist, and if you're crying a lot, you're probably draining your tear supplies .in this situation, you should not worry about it too much. You could try to drink more water to keep your whole body hydrated. Then it might help in keeping your eyes hydrated too. Also you can pick up some unmediated eye drops to keep your eyes a bit moister and if necessary some of the medicated drops to reduce the redness.
  • Jordan Brown


    There are some ways may help and you may have a try. Just follow the steps: Firstly, wash you face with cold water for at least 5 minutes, paying special attention to your eyes and the surrounding area. Secondly, lie down for 15 minutes with cucumber or potato slices covering your eyes, and cold tea bags have the same effect. Thirdly, elevate your head slightly with pillows. Finally, you should apply a cold cream moisturizer or eye cream to your eyes and then do a good makeup.
  • hanes3777


    When you are crying, the tear gland is excreted which may directly cause the congestion in the eyes. After the long time crying, the eyes may feel dry. If your eyes are sensitive, the red and puffy symptom is obvious. What you should do is use some eyedrops to release the symptom. Then, you can use the clean cold cloth to cover on the eyes which may make the inflamed eyes get recovery in a quick pace.