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Are ray ban sunglasses made in usa only?

When i pick up ray ban sunglasses, i noticed that some said these sunglasses are made in USA and some said they are made in Italy . I am confused now! Which are real ray ban sunglasses? Are all ray ban sunglasses made in USA?
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  • Arianna griffin


    No, it's difficult to say that ray ban sunglasses are made in USA only. Actually, according to some information, New Ray-bans are made in Italy. Bausch & Lomb USA stopped making the Ray-Ban sunglasses which range back in 1998, so if you have the sunglasses which have the markings Ray-Ban USA and claim to be 2005-2006 models, will not be genuine Ray-Ban. In other words, the Ray-Ban brand is now owned by the italic Group. Italy now own and produce the sunglasses. Ray-Ban is no longer made in the USA.
  • hanes3777


    It is hard to tell. In fact ray ban has factories in both the US and Italy. So, they are likely the real ray ban sunglasses. But not exactly. If you not sure, you can just go ray ban exclusive shop where you surely get real ray ban sunglasses. Or you can order it from their official site at Hope this help.

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