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How to get an eyelash out of my eye?

I feel foreign bodies in my eyes. And i find it is my eye lash in my eyes. It is really uncomfortable. How can i get it out my eyes? Help.
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  • Angela tuener


    To get rid of the eyelash in your eyes, you shall first wash your hands. Then, facing a mirror, pull out ward on the top eyelid and pull upper eyelid out and over lower lid genitally. Next, find out where the eyelash is and try to get it out with your other finger. Be genitally, don't get your eyes hurt by rude action of remove eyelashes.
  • tuener


    It's easy for you to feel uncomfortable and irritating when eyelashes fall into your eyes. Hence, you can get it out of your eyes by following steps. Firstly, you have to wash your hands with soap by warm water. And you place your fingers around the eye that is infected. Then, you gently pull outward on the top eyelid, and pull upper eyelid out and over lower eyelid. After that, you hold eye closed look up and down with your eyeball to dislodge the eyelash. In the following, you release hold on your eyelid and the eyelash should be in sight. In the end, you can take Q-tip to remove the eyelash.
  • misty C.


    When the eyelash is mixed into the eyes, the eyes suffer the pain. The quick and direct way is to speed up to blink your eyes which may cause the tears. Thus, the eyelashes may get out following the tears. Or else, it may still stick in the surface of the eyeball. However, there is another common way. Washing your hands and using the fingers in front of the mirror, you can put it out gently.