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Can I wear glasses after rhinoplasty surgery?

I just got a rhinoplasty surgery. But i am also nearsighted. Can i wear eyeglasses after rhinoplasty surgery?
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  • Jean


    You are not suggested to wear glasses for at least 3 weeks after the rhinoplasty surgery. After that you can choose to wear the glasses which have very light frames in order to avoid pressure on the nose. Any significant pressure force can lead to damage of the nasal bones during the first few weeks after a rhinoplasty surgery. So you must take care of your nose during these days. And you can go to visit your plastic surgeon to assure that you can wear glasses after several weeks if necessary. Besides, some glasses are supported on the nasal bridge while there is some bridge less ones. You may take a consideration of that bridge less ones. Good luck!


    Perhaps, this problem involves with the quality of rhinoplasty surgery. Good or not of the rhinoplasty surgery has a great influence to it. Normally, you need to have good rest of your nose just in a month. But, in the next three months, you have to be careful of your nose, because it is still in recovery phase. So, to this question, you have to see you are in which period so far. If time allows, so, there is no doubt that wearing glasses is no problem. Finally, I hope that it is useful to you.
  • Benji


    Do not do that immediately. In general, it's advisable for you to continue using eyeglasses in a minimum of four weeks after Rhinoplasty Surgery. Because of the frame of eyeglasses would leave imperfections on the nose and affect ideal healing of the nasal bones. However, contact lenses can be used shortly after the surgery if you have to use.
  • Olivery


    It depends. If you have an osteotomy(breaking the nasal slope bones)you should wait for 4-5 weeks. If no bone is broken just wait for 2-3 weeks,then you can wear glasses normally.
  • Samantha


    As the other answers suggest, it is a bad idea to wear your usual glasses after rhinoplasty surgery. However, other forms of vision correction that don't rest on the nose are perfectly safe. If you like glasses, I recommend these:
  • Brittany


    I recently encountered the same issue after my nose job and found an awesome solution for this. I was told to tape my glasses on my forehead for 6 weeks, which is so ugly and uncomfortable. There is an eyewear holder device that hooks on the glasses called OpticBridge. It is specifically made for patients after their nose surgery. It literally works as a bridge between your face and your glasses, safely holding your frames over your nose without touching the reconstructed nasal bones. Check out the website: It was super comfortable and ultra discreet. Totally recommend to anyone thinking of getting nose surgery. Sooo worth it!
  • Claire


    Ultimate Solution: Wear Glasses After Nose Surgery --->

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