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J Bell


Do eye prescriptions expire?

I want to buy prescription eyeglasses online, So, i went to my doctor to get a copy of my most recent prescription. But his wouldn’t give me a copy and told me that my prescription was expired. What does this mean? Do eye prescriptions expire?
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  • Angela


    Yes, indeed, there is the view like you said. Common people have this kind of experience. A lot of people will find that glasses are efficient only for a period of time so as to guarantee the eyes suffered from some symptoms. We can see that the glasses also have the period of validity. Nearsightedness crowd, in addition to regular optometry outside, still should periodicity, (best semi-annually), go to the original ones optician and check the glasses eyesight status and have lenses caring. Once you found lenses "overdue", you should update them immediately.
  • Daniel


    Definitely yes, frankly speaking, glasses prescription would be valid for one year at maximum. As we all known, the glasses prescription is aim to give you the optimum vision. Your eyesight might have changed, especially a significant change after one year thus a new prescription would be issued. Otherwise, you just waste your time and money by having glasses made for how your eyes were, not how they are actually are currently. It’s useless for you to correct and maybe harmful for your eye vision.
  • green


    When the doctor says that your eye prescriptions expire, he means that your eyes may get higher prescription because of some unsuitable uses of eyes. However, if you use the new glasses just to read books and see the near things, you can buy it with the old prescription. If not, you'd better do the eye exam again and find the newest prescription and have the eyeglasses to adjust the eye vision to see clearly in daily life.
  • Sharron Green


    Of course, it will expire with the passage of time. Nothing remains still and your eye prescription also change as you continue your life. Now you wanna buy glasses online, therefore you gotta check your eyes again before striking the deal, lest the goods don't meet your need. If your eye prescription is expire, go and recheck them. I would be better if you get regular check.

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