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Aaron may


What should i do if I get face wash in my eye?

When i wash my face, i get a little bit of face wash into my eyes. IS there anyway to help me release that discomfort?
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  • Paige williams


    My advice is as follows: 1.Rinse out your eye with clean cold water several times 2.Put a wet face washcloth against your eye and putzen your eye, but do not compress your eye too heavy 3.Use cold-compress if you feel your eye is burning and that will relieve the burning feeling 4.You'd better go to see a doctor if up tips don't work, and do some check. Because your wash face may contain some kind of chemical substances which can harm your eyes. Hope that can help you!
  • Gabriella


    First, you should use your finger to open your eyelids and wash them with clean water. Second, use eyedrops to your eyes in case of infection. Don't rub your eyes and close your eyes for a while to have a rest. Last, if you still feel uncomfortable, you should see a doctor for advices.
  • Alexa joyce


    Oh, actually, your immediate priority is to use plenty of mild water with salt to thoroughly wash your eyes. Remember, do not try to rub your eyes because this would lead to a serious result. After washing, wait and see if the situation gets better, if not, you'd better go to the hospital or clinic in the neighborhood. Anyway, you gotta be careful not to make the same mistake anymore. Take it easy, it is not that serious.

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