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What are the best color sunglasses for brunettes?

I want to buy a pair of fashion sunglasses. I am here to ask some suggestions. I am a women with brunettes skin. So, can you tell me what are the best color sunglasses for me?
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  • coulisse_16


    When we choose a pair of sunglasses, there are some factors to consider, such as skin color. As a Brunettes woman, you should avoid light and warm color sunglasses. It is better for you to choose cold color sunglasses, such as gray, black, deep coffee and brown. Because they have the effect of making your skin looked younger and a dull one looked brighter.
  • Angela


    Well, sounds like your skin is a little bit dark. Sometimes women with brunettes skins could also be sexy and charming as long as you pay more attention to your looks. So, here I would like to recommend pink framed sunglasses to you, which could make you look like an angel, and as to the lenses, it doesn't matter. Just go and try different colored sunglasses on until you find what you like.