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Why do people wear glasses without lenes?

I see many people in street wearing eyeglasses frames only. Why? I just can't understand.
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  • christy9589


    Wearing glasses without lenses has become a fashionable trend. If you choose a proper one, it can help you to accentuate your looks. As we all known, this kind of glasses has been considered that the shape of it can hide the flaws of a face shape. In addition, Wearing glasses without lenses will keep you in today's fashion circle. Also, wearing glasses without lenses gives ue convenience to pick those frames which are of special shapes.
  • Brandon


    All right, I get what you mean, so it is true that at present a lot of people would like to wear glasses without lenses, which seems to be quite strange and puzzling. However, sometimes logic could not explain some phenomena in this crazy world. Fashion and trend have their say. With some beautiful frames, they appear to be more attractive and have better looks. That's all, maybe you want to have a look at some good places for nice frames, such as Lenscrafters.
  • Oberla


    Glasses make people look smarter, right? Well, most likely they are going for that geeky look. You can also buy glasses without lenses that are just glass that anyone (who doesn't really need glasses) can use.