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Can pink eye cause corneal ulcer?

Does anyone know whether pink eye can lead to corneal ulcer or not?
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  • Christina


    Well, yes, pink eye can lead to eye ulcers. As we know that if the clear coating and cornea has been rubbed or irritated, it is possible to have a small tear or cut in your eyes, which can cause eye ulcers. So when you have pink eyes, your eyes are infected by some irritants. In that way, it is possible to have eye ulcers. So just pay more attention to your eyes. Besides, eye ulcers can be very dangerous, for they can lead to blindness, in some degree. Anyway, you have to take some measures to treat it.
  • cocreative


    Most cases of corneal ulcer are developed from a bacterial infection that invades the cornea. Actually, bacteria from a common pink eye rarely spread to the cornea. But if you don't treat it in time, the bacteria would transfer to corneal. Therefore, if you get pink eyes, you need go to see a doctor in time and prevent from developed into corneal ulcer.
  • cook


    Well, it seems that you have a lack of knowledge about pink eyes and corneal ulcer. So, let me briefly tell you something about them. So as you can see pink eye is resulted from some improper use of eyes, or exposure to dirty things and bacteria. However, corneal ulcer is quite complicated which could be resulted from a wide variety of reasons, and sometimes acute pink eyes could lead to corneal ulcer. If you do not feel right, you should see a doctor.