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Kyle kirk


Is 27 imac bad for my eyes?

I often work with my 27 imac. Is it bad for my eyes? How to prevent the side effects that 27 imac brings to me?
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  • Brooke peters


    As you can see imac computer has got a large screen which gives out some harmful lights which could do harm to your eyes. Of course it is harmful, leading to some bloodshot eyes, dry eyes or some other problems after long time use. So, it is up to you how you could care about your health. Maybe you should take breaks at intervals.
  • walkingintoyou


    Spending too much time working with computer is harmful for your eyes, no matter what kind of computer you used. There is something you could note to any damages to eyes. 1. Don't work for too long. While you are looking at the computer, the muscles in eyes are tightened all the time. If you keep working too long, you may found sore eyes with bloodshot. Even headache would be caused. 2. Change your focus of vision. Look at somewhere with far distance to give your eyes a break, so that muscles could relax. 3. Eye exercise is very good to eyes, just like massage to relieve the fatigue of eyes. 4. You could take the diet which is good for eyes, for example food rich in lutein, and fish oil which is rich is DHA. Take these actions could effectively help you with healthy eyes. Hope this is helpful for you.