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When can i go back to work after a vitrectomy?

I just took a vitrectomy. When can i go back to work?
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  • Chris L.


    So, you should know that a lot of problems need vitrectomy so as to recover. Anyway, vitrectomy could leave you some lasting impacts on your eyes, which means that you should get some rest and re-examine. Generally speaking, after vitrectomy surgery, you should get at least one month's rest before you could get back to the workplace. It also depends on your situation.
  • Hunter jackson


    You'd better not work and stay at home to have the good rest for your eyes. Your eyes should not be in front of the computer for a long time. You should not use your eyes too much time every day. Vitrectomy is also known as glass cutting operation. The vitrectomy is done through the observation system. The operation system is in the anterior chamber in glass body like cavity retinal, former retinal, low intraocular space. The operation methods include vitrectomy antibiotics or foreign matter from retinal front wall or next film strip cut off. When it is necessary, it also can be associated with retinal photocoagulation, electric coagulation, condensing intraocular gas or silicone oil filling. After the vitrectomy, you should protect your eyes carefully, having a good rest for the eyes. You should not watch tv either. Only after you get the full recovery can you use the eyes in front of the computer.
  • Kelly Dalton


    Well, generally speaking, it will just take three months for your eyes to recover. And you also need know that, even your eyes have recovered, you can not go to work quickly. Or it will just do some damage in your eyes. Of course, what you should do now is just to try your best to protect your eyes. So that it can just speed up the recover process. for example, you should pay more attention to the eye irritants, so that your eyes can not be infected. so when you have a shower, you should not let the water get into your eyes. also, do not watch tv and computer for a long time, for it can be harmful to your eyes. anyway, just be careful about it.

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