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Is it safe to put contact solution in your eye?

My eyes feel very dry when i wear contact lenses. Can i put contact solution in my eyes directly? Is it safe?
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  • handyhands


    It is hard to say. If you use saline as contact solution, you can use them in your eyes as well. This kind of solution contains salt only. It does't contain element that harm our eyes. But if you use contact solution contains antiseptic, you can't use it in your eyes. Because antiseptic will damage the environment in our eyes and make our eyes feel sick. Maybe it will cause some vision problems too. So it is a bad idea to use it as eyedrops. You can go to glasses store to buy the suitable eyedrops.
  • Eugenia W.


    Sometimes maybe. But if you use Clear Care, you shall not use contact solution. In fact, we not recommend you to put contact solution in eyes directly. You shall buy special eye drops that are available for contact lenses. And if you always feel eye dry, you'd better not wear contact lenses. You can wear eyeglasses so as to help you reduce dry eyes naturally.
  • Adriane


    I persuade you not to put contact solution in your eyes directly. It is not safe. It will hurt your eyes badly. If you feel very dry eyes when you wear contact lenses, you may need the special eye drops. You would better put the contacts off your eyes, then use the eye drops. The contact solution's main ingredients are sodium chloride and some preservative, the main function is use to wash, sterilize the contacts. The preservative will broke the physiological environment of the eyes then to cause eyes disease. The artificial tears have the PH value near the natural tears, it would also anti-virus, so it could heal the dry eyes. So, they are totally different, please take care of your eyes, it is the windows of your heart! Please never use contact solution as eye drops, do not forget!
  • lampo


    No, you'd better not put the contact lenses solution in your eyes which will be used to get rid of the protein which is left on the contact lenses every day. Although it has the function of killing the bacterium, it could not make the eyes feel moisture. If your eyes feel dry, you could use the eye drops to eliminate the inflammation and moisture the eyes.
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