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Dan Samberg


Does mono cause eye pain?

Is mono bad to eyes? If it possible to get eye pain from it?
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  • Erin jackson


    To be honest,I do not know. But I have done a job relevent to using mono as an operator. In my frist 3 days doing that job using a mono,I just can not stand the headach of my left head for a long while. So I guess that may be caused by the mental disorder induced by the sound wave sent from the earphone. As for my advice,you can adjust the ears to wear the phone or you can avoid using it too often instead of binaural one. Hope that will help you.
  • Jackson


    In general, mono does not very much harm to eyes, therefore, it might not be possible too get eye pain from mono record. If you feel pain in your eyes, check your eyes and see if there is any foreign body in your eyes that make your eyes uncomfortable. Then use clean handkerchief to wipe it out or use flowing water to wash it out. There is another reason for your eye pain. You may overuse your eyes without any rest. The muscles of the eyes will be too fatigue and will ache when your read or watch for too long. You should take a break when you have read or watched for an hour to allow your eyes to have a rest. Use some eye drop to alleviate your eye pain and do some eye exercises from time to time. If the pain in your eyes still remains, you had better go to the doctor's for an eye examination in case there is any pathological changes of eyes.
  • Isabelle duncan


    Yes, mono is bad for eyes which will make the eyes not see things clearly. You may see things in the blurry state. It is possible for you to get eye pain from it. Mono is one of the largest white blood cells volume deviation. Its nucleus is often shown the symptom of pleomorphism, avoiding horseshoe kidney shape is irregular shape. It is often in fold sense. Chromatin is loose mesh and color is more pale cytoplasm and basophilic. It contains a large number of small particles which is addicted to the azure and dyed gray blue, with peroxidase blood circulation. It is one of the eye problems which will have many side effects on your eyes. You may get red at the eyes. Your eyes may get dry easily. In addition, your eyes could also be itchy which you need to have the good rest for the eyes. The good diet is also a good method for you to keep the health of your eyes.

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