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Is there a cure for blurry vision?

I got blurry vision right now especially when i try to focus distance objects. What causes it? Can it be cured?
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  • Daniel christian


    Blurry vision can be caused by many problems, and it should be near sight if you can not focus distance objects. Have a vision test to check if you are really get the near sight. And near sight can be cured through lasik eye surgery. Blurry vision also can be caused by other eye problems, such as sensitive to light, pink eyes and so on.
  • hand_to_mouth


    One of the possible reason for your blurry vision especially when trying to focus on distance objects is that you got near-sighted as well as a little astigmatism. This is probably caused by overusing eyes and eyes not getting enough rest. When people are watching things in short distance for too long, then the ciliaris has to stretch to the opposite direction when people want to see things in long distance. Therefore the ciliaris will be very fatigue, which will make itself take a longer time to stretch and adjust crystalline lense. As time goes by, it will lead to near-sight. To reduce eye fatigue, you should do some eye exercises regularly and give your eyes more relax, for example, take a rest after an hour's reading or using computer. Also, you can use some eye drops to moisten your eyeballs and retard the stretch of eye muscles. If the blurry vision is still serious, then you had better go to the doctor's for an eye examination to see whether it is a pathological changes of the eyes.
  • Nicholas carter


    Blurry vision is caused by refractive eye conditions or other diseases such as myopia, dry eyes, migraines and cataracts. It can be cured. When you start to feel the blurriness, the foremost thing you should do is to see a doctor to have your eye condition evaluated and your eyes examined. Your doctor will also check your eye pressure, eye infection and inflammation or if you have other severe diseases. Then you should arrange an appointment with an optometrist who will work out your eye problem and prescribe glasses that fit for you. You will also undergo a series of tests conducted by your optometrist. At last, your doctor will suggest several kinds of treatment or medication according to the results of the tests.