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Can i box if i wear glasses?

Is it Ok to box with wearing glasses? Or it is dangerous to do that?
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  • Lynn Sherrill


    When you attend the boxing contest, you should take off your glasses. Even if you may feel the vision is blurry, it won't influence your results. It is really dangerous to do that. As we all know, boxing is a kind of fierce activity, and palyers may get hurt in the contest. If you wear the glasses to attend the contest, your glasses may be mashed by the sopponent's fists. If unfortunately your eyes are poked by the glasses pieces, you may lose your sight forever.
  • Katelyn smith


    It is dangerous for you to wear glasses when you are boxing. In the game, you are going to be punched in the face and your glasses may be broken and hurt your face. Even contact lenses are not applicable, for in the game, the punching and whacking in the game will make your contact lenses to drop or break in your eyes. If your bad vision is really a disadvantage in boxing, you may consider a surgery or purchasing a prescription goggle.
  • ryan


    As we all know, boxing is a very fierce and dangerous sports, therefore it is better not to wear eyeglasses when you are booxing. It is extremely dangerous to wear glasses in the process of boxing, the fierce actions may hit and crash on your glasses, then the fragments of glasses may prick into your eyes. If the condition of the injury is serious, the cornea may be damaged. Even if it is not very serious, your eyes will also get hyperemia or blurry vision or so. If you are near-sight, you will not see things very clear without wearing glasses. But if you practice hard, you can also increase your boxing skills. For example, the world famous Kungfu superstar Bruce Lee is also near-sight. But he achieved a unprecedented status in Kungfu. So you had better not wear glasses whenyou are playing baxing; it is too dangerous.
  • Victor


    It's pretty dangerous to wear glasses when boxing. The glasses will deeply hurt your face when being punched. Besides, they'll be easily shaked off. Personally I suggest you to wear contacts to provide you clear vision while not hindering you.