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Jacqueline warren


Can i play lacrosse with glasses?

Is it OK to wear glasses when i play lacrosse? Or it is dangerous to do so?
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  • Marissa george


    Generally speaking, if your glasses have light description, you'd better take off your glasses while playing lacrosse. Playing lacrosse may lead to injuries. That's why players need to wear helmet, kneelet and protective stuff like that. So to protect your eyes better, you shouldnot wear glasses when playing lacrosse. Then if your eyes have strong description and without glasses you cannot watch things a little bit clear, I advise you to wear glasses. Anyway, if you cannot see the ball, how can you play it? By the way, do not wear contact lenses when you are doing sports. Because you sweat when you do sports. And it will affect your eyes, which will lead to inflammation. Also, contact lenses may hurt your cornea when you do sports.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    It is better not to wear glasses when you play lacrosse, because it can be dangerous to do so. Firstly, lacrasse is a kind of relatively intense sports, it is inconvenient to wear glasses in the process, for the glasses will always slip down from your nose and you have to push them up so that you can feel comfortable, which will certainly hinder your normal actions in the game. Besides, the moving ball may hit on your glasses and smash them into pieces which may prick into your eyeballs and do damage to the retina, cornea, and muscles inside. Therefore, you had better not wear glasses when you play lacrosse, and nor in any other fierce sports games. In addition to not wear glasses in sports, to protect your eyes from unexpectable accidents such as hit or strike, a set of eye shield would be desirable for sports lovers. Eye shields are made of soft but tensile materials which are intended to protected your eyes.
  • fergus


    You can play lacrosse with your glasses, if not, how can you have an excellent performance without seeing the things clearly. but you'd better wear goggles at the same time, cause there might be some objects and even dust around. In addition, the helmet you wear can also prevent your glasses from being broken while you attacking the opponent's goal. Nevertheless, first of all, you should wear properly fitted, prescription goggles while playing. Prescription sports goggles can effectively reduce the risk of eye injury. All in all, no matter what happened in a campaign, safety is certainly a top priority.
  • Victor Lee


    Dude, you'd better not wear glasses when playing lacrosse because it would be inconvenient and unsafe. I suggest you to wear lacrosse goggles or contacts, they would be much better.