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What are the things floating in your eyes?

I noticed there are something floating in my eyes. My friend said it is eye floaters. What's your opinion? What causes it?
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  • cat_w101


    Eye floaters is some small moving spots appear in your field of vision. And for most of the people, it's not a big problem, and they can learn to live with it. Most eye floaters are caused by collagen, small flecks of a protein. And also there are some other causes, such as eye disease, eye injury, retinal detachment, eye tumors and so on. Tell it to your doctor if you feel it affects your vision.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    The floating things in your eyes are definitely eye floaters. People can see eye floaters usually when they're looking at a background which is not contrastive, blue sky or a blank wall for example. The floaters will finally disappear on their own. Actually, the floaters are gel that is between the lens and retina. People can see them because that pieces of gel float to the front of the eye. The floaters finally disappear after they float all around the eye. Floaters can be seen by anyone at any time. When you experience flashes of light or a loss of vision, you should take the floaters seriously, for this is the sign of damage or detachment of the retina. In this case, a surgery such as laser and cryogenic probe is necessary for curing the retina.