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Does anyone know who makes coach sunglasses?

Coach sunglasses are amazing. Does anyone know who makes coach sunglasses?
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  • Alexander david


    Coach is an American Brand started in Manhattan, New York. Coach started its journey in fashion world with leather handbags. Very soon, Coach’s innovation in leather finishes, new designs and colors, and modern materials started to fascinate people, and it became a popular choice for all leather related needs. Coach has maintained the highest standards of excellence, artisan ship and materials used in Coach manufactured products. I promise their fabulous products won't disappoint you.
  • elpropio


    Coach sunglasses are an American classic, maintaining the same rigorous standards of craftsmanship since their founding.Coach is also the famous luxury brand in America. Coach was founded in 1941, in a loft in New York City as a partnership called the Gail Manufacturing Company.In 1960, Miles Cahn had taken notice of the distinctive properties of the leather used to make baseball gloves. So he tried to design some models. Following this model, Cahn devised a way of processing leather to make it strong, soft, flexible, and deep-toned in color, as it absorbed dye well, and then this high tech not only use in women handbags, but also use in sunglasses. Now coach sunglasses are crazy popular around the world and you can find many outlet online shops and stores.