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What are keratitis side effects on eyes ?

I feel bad because of keratitis. Can you tell me what are the side effects on eyes because of keratitis?
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  • Michelle


    Well, generally speaking, Keratitis is the medical term for inflammation of the cornea. In other words, Keratitis is the eye condition in which the cornea becomes inflamed. And it is annoying and dangerous to have it. In common, red eyes, blurred vision, or light sensitivity can be the symptoms of the Keratitis. So you need pay more attention to it. For the causes, according to some experts, infections, dry eyes, injury, and a large variety of underlying medical diseases may all lead to keratitis. So just be careful about it. It can be bad for your eyes.
  • explosion_x3


    I'm so sorry to hear that, and we all know, the keratitis is troublesome. As a matter of fact, the keratitis stem from the bacteria immersing into the cornea and finally lead to infections. There are various side effects because of it. Lucifugous, tears all the time,successive ache, dry eye, foreign feeling, asthenopia as well as a vision problem. What's worse, if the situation aggravate constantly, even can be a blindness. But there is always a favorable turn. Develop a healthy diets, keep away from the radiation of the TV and computer, get enough rest in consideration of health. And the most important tip is cooperating with the doctor and i sincerely hope you can recovery soon.
  • Brooke peters


    Hello, keratitis is an eye problem caused by an inflammation of the cornea, the domed and transparent circular part of the eye that lies over the pupil. And the side effects can be impaired vision and moderate to severe pain.What's more,red eyes, blurred vision, or light sensitivity,tears all the time,successive ache are also the side effects.