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What is the best way to clean polarized sunglasses?

I got a pair of polarized sunglasses. Is it Ok if wash it? Or what is the best way to clean the polarized sunglasses?
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  • Jackson rose


    Actually, I myself have got a pair of those kind of sunglasses. And generally speaking, if they appear to be dirty, I would use something used to wash the computer screen to apply and rub the lenses with silk cloth, which proves to be quite effective, or you might as well take the sunglasses to the optical store, they have got something special to wash them.
  • b0wfing3r


    Well, generally speaking, polarized sunglasses are different from common sunglasses or glasses in functional, but for the cleaning procedure, it is the same. There are some tips you can follow to clean your polarized sunglasses. First, if the lens is merely dirty and not covered in abundant grease and grim, you can use a good quality cotton cloth. And after that, some resolution can be used to clean it one more time. And, you can also soak the surface of the nose pad for a couple of hours in warm water. Finally, just brush away the unwanted dirt with a soft brush. Anyway, remember that when you do this job, just be careful about it.
  • tuener


    All of us known that boaters and fishermen are all fond of polarized sunglasses because polarized sunglasses can help to reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them. polarized sunglasses are specially treated sunglasses that can reduce glare. Based on their functions, polarized sunglasses occur a great problem---how to clean them. Here I have several ways that may do you a favor. First, you can moisten the lenses and frame with warm tap water; next dab a drop of soap on thumb or forefinger and gently rub into the lenses and throughout frame and arms; then rinse glasses delicately with warm water; finally, dry with a lint-free cloth. I saw these methods in a book, what's more, do not use paper to dry lenses because the wood content can scratch the lenses.