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How to decorate my eyeglasses frames?

I am nearsighted and always wear eyeglasses frames. So, i want to use some decoration on my eyeglasses for a better look. Can you tell me how to decorate it?
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  • Sue Livingston


    First of all, there are many styles, colors and patterns of glasses. You could choose what you think is beautiful, lovely or fashionable piece. Use different color and style of the frames to match with your dressing. If you still think it is not enough, and if you are a young girl, you might stick bling bling stuff on the frame. I am not sure what kind of effect you want. For a boy or man, just a pair of glasses would be enough, no other decoration needed. Or I want to give you another suggestion. The color contact lenses are more often used by young people nowadays. There are also many colors, patterns that you could choose. It is called the easiest way to give you a fresh look. Wearing them could make your eyes sparking and much bigger. Different color makes you different look. Purple makes you mysterious and green makes them like a cat's eyes. For daily work, you could choose some color similar to the color of your pupil, which is very natural and beautiful. Hope you like this suggestion.
  • Kelly


    Yeah, decorating eyeglasses frame is a creative way to customize your glasses and also yourself. Now and here I will tell you some essential way to decorate your eyeglasses frame. The first and most important step is determining your wanted design, including the color and gathering your needed material. This step will decide the style of the decorated eyeglasses frame. Then you should clean your glasses and dry it thoroughly so that the paints can stick well on the frame. OK, now you can start to apply your design on your frame, such as using the paints or the pictures around the top and bottom of the frame. Your know you maybe do some wrong during your application, so now you can remove the design element you do not want or like while the paint is still wet. At the same time, you can add some additional colors or design to finish the design, also pls do not make the paints onto other parts of your eyeglasses. Last but not the least, keep in mind that you should let your eyeglasses dry for 24 hours before wearing it. Hope my steps can help you.
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    Well, looks like you are not very happy with the eyeglasses or the frames. So, generally speaking, there are no good ways to decorate a pair of glasses, since you have a lack of craft and materials. Anyway, if you have got some tools or paint, you can paint the frames to what you like them to be. However, I still recommend you buying another frame, which would not cost you a lot. You might as well have a look at Lenscrafters.