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Do eyes get darker with age?

Is it possible that eyes get darker as we are getting older? Why or why not?
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  • Ethan walker


    Well, no, your eye color will not get darker as we get older. Generally speaking, the eye color can be the same as you are born. So they will not change, unless you have got some eye diseases which can affect the eye color. Of course, emotion and weather can lead to some changes in your eye color. For example, when you are sad, your eye color can be light blue and light grey. And when it is sunny outsides, your eye color will be bright. But you should know that these changes are just temporary. And then it can just be same as it is before. The color will not change with the age.
  • Geoff


    No, it is quite possible that eyes look darker as we get older. The reason is that when we get older, our skin becomes thinner even we are able to see our blood vessels. So, if our eyes are exposed to the sun, it will be much easier for our skin to get weak from the sun, also the sun weakens our skin, so our eyes will become darker and darker as we get older.

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