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Can I wear contacts straight from the package?

Is it OK if i wear contact lenses straight from the package? Is it harmful my eyes?
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  • Jessica Stevenson


    Of course, you should not wear the contact lenses from the package, for it can be harmful to your eyes. As we know that if you take your contact lenses from package and do not take any measures to clean your contact lenses, it will carry some bacteria in the lenses, and then it will infect your eyes. In the end, it can just lead to eye infection. In some cases, your eyes will be red, itchy, and watery. Of course, pink eyes may occur too. Anyway, just clean your contact lenses with solution carefully, before you wear them.
  • Dip


    Well, looks like you want to use the contact lenses without refilling and soaking your lenses right? So, as you can see, some of solution in the package has been produced for a long time and is not well kept, which might lead to some slight problems. So, I recommend that you soak the lenses in fresh solution before wearing them, that would be much safer don't you think? Hope you find this useful.
  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    It is not good to wear contact lenses straight from the package. In the package, the contacts are stored in anticorrosion saline. Usually, we should definitely not to wear them straight from the package, because the anticorrosion saline could be an irritant to our eyes, making eyes very uncomfortable. My suggestion is putting contacts in care solution for at least 5 hours, and then wearing them would be comfortable. Now the technology of contact lenses develops well and mature. It is very safe to wear contact lenses, yet we still have to pay attention to the correct way of wearing it to protect our eyes. If you are the first time to use contact lenses, you might find out to put them on. You could take some moisturizing eye drops first to make it easier to wear. The first day of wearing contact lenses might give you the foreign body sensation. Don't wear them for too long for the beginner, 3-5 hours would be fine. You could gradually prolong the time of wearing them, until your eyes are get used to them. Yet remember it is better to control the time within 10 hours. Wash your hands completely before touching your contacts. Enjoy your time of wearing contact lenses and you will love them.

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