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Jada shelley


Can tooth infection cause eye infection?

It sounds funny that tooth infection cause eye infection. But i heard somebody talked about it. It is surprising me. Can tooth infection really cause eye infection?
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  • cahekm_12b


    My elder sister is a doctor. She said,"Toothache can produce a diffuse pain,next it will cause peripheral nerve of referred pain, and then eyes are affected. But not all tooth infection can cause eye infection". If there is something wrong with your tooth, you'd better go to see dentists in time.
  • evilbunny1369


    Yes, the tooth infection really causes the eye infection. Because the teeth nerves, eye nerves and other nerves in the body are interlinked, they may get infection from the mutual any one. If you have the tooth infection, you'd better go to the hospital to accept the treatment, avoiding the eye infection.

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