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Can eating carrots change your eye color?

I heard that eating more carrots is good for eyes. I wonder if eating carrots can change eye color. If so, why?
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  • Jason warren


    I am so sorry to tell you that eating more carrots can not change your eye color, eye color is determined by your genies. Actually, carrots contain vitamin A, it just can improve your eyesight and change your eye views. But if you eat tons and tons of carrots, you skin will turn orange. If you want to change your eyesight, the colored contacts are the perfect choice, you can change the appearance of your eye color casually by wearing them.
  • cristoph


    Yeah, eating more carrots is good for eyes, but it can not help people change eye colors. Carrots contain a lot of carotene which one molecular structure is equivalent to two molecular of vitamin A. When the carrots come into the body, it will get the role of enzyme in the liver and intestinal mucosa and then 50% of them will change into vitamin A. It is beneficial for liver, has the effect for bright eyes and can treat nyctalopia. However, the color of our eyes is determined by the genetic endowment which could be fixed in our childhood. Except we have the diseases in the eyes, like the infection, eyes will get red. Or else, normal eyes will change the color easily. And the eating of carrots will bright our eyes and make them look bright, not changing the color.
  • Andrea lester


    Well, as a matter of fact, the color of our eyes are not basically decided by what we eat or what we take in our body, but the types of the genes right before we came to this world. By eating carrots , we can have much more vitamins and nutrition, but they would not change the color you know? I have to advise you that you should not eat anything too much, otherwise, consequences will emerge.