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What causes blurred vision after cataract surgery?

After a cataract surgery, i always feel blurred vision. What causes that? Any idea?
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  • cha0s_engel


    After the cataract surgery, the appeared blurred vision is normal because you will be in a recovery period. The retina is slowly in atrophy. Or the visual nerve lesions may be caused by high intraocular pressure. You can check the fundus of the eyes. Then you can trace element supplement or use of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation treatment can improve the symptoms. If it's too high in the intraocular pressure, it is considered to be caused by glaucoma fuzzy.I think you'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes.
  • John Rodriguez


    Technically, patient could see the world clearly after an cataract surgery. However, there are a number of cases that can cause them feel blurred vision after cataract surgery. In details, they are include clouding of artificial lens, tearing of capsule, displacement of lens, bleeding in eyes and damage to retina etc. So, if you feel blurred vision after cataracts surgery, you'd better to see an doctor and ask help from them.
  • Blanca C.


    Well, it is a condition in which, whenever you look at any object, you can not see it clearly and you see a single blurry and unclear image of an object. This is referred to as blurred eyes. As we know that after eye surgery, it is easy to get infection. So you should pay more attention to it. And also, you can just go and see an eye doctor so that he can give you some advices.
  • b3phoenix


    It seems that your eyes are still recovering from the cataract surgery. You should understand that there are some lasting consequences from taking that surgery. Perhaps it is because of a lack of attention to your eyes, overuse of eyes could give rise to blurred vision. Ask yourself whether you have thoroughly followed the doctor's instructions or not. If you still have that feeling, consult a doctor.