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How to adjust oakley sunglasses?

I got a pair of oakley sunglasses. But the sunglasses are always slip down my nose. How to adjust oakley sunglasses to fit me?
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    Well, of course, many people have experienced that your sunglasses slid off frequently. And It will make you feel so uncomfortable when you are doing some affairs. And there are some tips you can follow to adjust them. So that it can be comfortable. For example, to adjust your sunglasses, the first thing you should is to Put on your eyeglasses and, while looking in the mirror, identify precisely where the frame problems occur. And then you should tighten or replace the screws on your eyeglasses. Also, you should adjust the arms of the eyeglasses carefully, slowly and gently with your fingers or a pair of needle-nose pliers if necessary. In addition, making a small, corrective bend in one arm is also very important. But if you have some problem which you can not solve them by yourself, you'd better go and console it with a professional person. And I have to remind you that, you should be careful when you adjust them, or it is likely to scratch your lenses. And remember that you should wash your hands first.
  • Angela


    Since the sunglasses are always slip down your nose, your frame of oakley sunglasses is a little big for you. You could try to adjust the nose pad of the oakley sunglasses with some instruments. You could also come to the eyeglasses store to let the clients to help you do this. Then you will feel the oakley sunglasses fit you.