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Luke oliver


Is black currant seed oil good for dry eyes ?

I feel dry eyes in recent days. Can black currant seed oil help me release my dry eyes?
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  • walksonfloors


    Yes, black currant seed oil can help release your eyes from dry eyes. Black currant seed oil contains the essential fatty acids gamma-linolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, will can relieve dry eye and maintain.What's more Black Currant seed oil is high in GLA and ALA, which can both be very important in helping improve the quality of tear film and helps patients with dry eyes. What's more, it can help your eye inflammatory conditions which may leads to your dry eyes syndrome. So I hope you get the answer that black currant seed oil can really help you release your eyes from dry eyes.
  • Carlos


    Black currant seed is the raw material of Black currant oil , Black currant oil supplies essential fatty acids, rutin and other flavonoids, and a high amount of vitamin C. Essential fatty acid supplements are often recommended in the form of fish oil capsules, as a benefit for cardiovascular health and as an immune system booster. Also, you can use the eye drops to release your dryness and tiredness.
  • clive


    Yes, the black currant seed oil will help you release the eyes from the dry eyes because of the inner nutritious vitamin inner the materials. However, its better role is to low the high concentration of blood fat which will make your intestinal and stomach work at normal state. At the same time, your dry eyes will get release and the eyes will get moisture.

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