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Can double vision be cured?

I don't why i got double vision in recent days. Anyway, do you have any idea to help me regain clear vision? Can double vision be cured?
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  • Dixie Mentry


    Well, I quite understand how you feel right now, it would be bad to have such double vision. Obviously, there is something serious with your eyes. And that would be resulted from multiple reasons so you have to figure out what led to your problem. And try to make proper use of your eyes, get more exercise and a healthy diet. Most importantly, try to get positive treatment in the hospital. Just be confident and keep in a good mood.
  • Christopher


    If your double vision is just temporary because of the dryness of the eyes or cold or anything else, you could just use the eye drops or warm compress to cure it. If your double vision is for a long time because of the damage on the eyes, you need to use the surgery to help you get the clear eye vision. In a word, whatever the way you use, you need to have the good rest for your eyes. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • griffin


    There is no doubt that double vision can be cured. The cornea is the clear window into the eye. Problems with any part of the vision system can lead to double vision. Lens problems, muscle problems, cornea problems and brain problems are all possible to cause eye problems. Sometimes drunk is even likely to cause double vision. The ways to help with double vision included receiving surgery, taking medicines and wearing glasses.