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Bridget C


Is it normal for a newborn to have watery eyes?

I see a newborn baby have watery eyes. Is this normal? Or it is a sign of some diseases?
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  • castro_jan


    You have just mentioned watery eyes with newborn babies. So, according to a lot of real cases, it would be likely for a newborn baby to have watery eyes, and that is formally called tear ducts obstruction, which could results in constant watery eyes. Of course it is a disease, which requires timely and good treatment so as to resist further problems. Just bring the kid to the hospital for help.
  • Erin jackson


    No, it is not normal. The watery eyes in the newborn baby should be taken great notice of. It may be the sign of the eyes disease. You should check the baby's eyes to see whether they get the infection of the invisible bacterium. Usually the cold will also cause the newborn baby to get the watery eyes. You'd better let the doctor to check whether the baby's eyes are ok.
  • confused_withac


    The main causes for children cry include the following areas: 1. neonatal dacryocystitis. It is the most common cause of children's tears, about 5~6 neonatal morbidity, and often is unilateral. 2. Neonatal logadoblennorrhea. This is a super caused by acute bacterial conjunctivitis, and often attack 2~4 days after the birth. 3. Trichiasis in congenital eyelid, which is more often to see. This happened in children with blink at the same time and rubbing eyes with hands. 4. Congenital lacrimal point and lacrimal canal lock, or no tear town. 5. Other reasons, such as conjunctivitis, inflammation of lacrimal gland can also cause the watery eyes.

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