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Is green lipped mussel oil good for dry eyes?

My friend that green lipped mussel oil can work for dry eyes. Does it really work? Is there any one who has tried ?
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  • debby truax


    Alright, I can see that you are curious about the functions of the green lipped mussel oil . So, from what I know, green lipped mussel oil is quite rare and natural, which could help with a lot of problems with your health and of course, eyes. With some of green lipped mussel oil, your skin turns out to be moist and your eyes would not be dry. By the way, you should also try to take more exercise and take in some vitamin pills.
  • tommy


    One of my friends get dryness of the eyes after the lasik eye surgery. And he uses the green lipped mussel oil which is so helpful for the dryness of the eyes. The moisture role is so good. You could have a try. In addition, the jojoba oil is also helpful. You could choose either one to treat your dry eyes. In addition, your food you take should better be with vitamin C which could moisture the eyes.

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