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Can jojoba oil help dry eyes?

I get dry eyes for about one year since i took a lasik eye surgery. In recently, i heard that jojoba oil can help dry eyes. Does it really work. Any suggestion?
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  • Russ


    It seems that you have just received an eye surgery recently. So, it is true that a surgery would results in some side effects on your eye health, which should be taken care of in time. And actually,jojoba oil would greatly moisturize your skin for its great permeability, but you cannot drop it into your eyes to make your eyes moist. If you really want to get rid of dry eyes, you gotta get more vitamin pills and vegetables , and maybe consult a doctor, following his advice.
  • Jade james


    Usually there are a lot of side effects after the lasik eye surgery. The usual including one is the dryness of the eyes. The jojoba oil can help your dryness of the eyes because of the containing moisture elements. You could also eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You may also drink more water every day which could be helpful both for your eyes and your health of the whole body.