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Can migraines cause sore eyes?

I have migraines. It really trouble me for a period of time. Now, i also feel sore eyes. Why? Can migraines lead to sore eyes?
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  • camzron


    In fact, the headache is not associated with a vision problem, however, a headache can cause pain around your eyes in sometimes. In that case, you will feel sore eyes. What's worse, migraines can cause tingling or numbness of the skin. People with severe migraines also have nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity. During migraines, people become very sensitive to light and sound. Faced with migraines, you should take regular exercise, including swimming or vigorous walking to reduce the severity of migraines. In that case, you can remove sore eyes. Hope this information will help you.
  • Shelby harris


    Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder which causes severe headaches. Migraine is related to a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms. There is no any uncertain reason for migraine. However, some studies have shown that migraine is associated with a mix of environmental and genetic factors. Migraines typically present with self-limited, recurrent severe headache associated with autonomic symptoms. Headaches are the most prominent symptom of migraines. Sore eyes are generally due to viral infection. Migraine can affect nerves which govern eye movements deeply and also cause headaches. However, headaches are easy to cause cold, which is most commonly due to bacterial infection. That is, migraines are possible to cause sore eyes. According to such complex condition, you'd better see a doctor to seek the truth.
  • Brandon evelyn


    I think it is very common to have pain in eyes, in shoulders and muscles when migraine occurs. If you mean pain in eyes by sore eyes, then I would say it is quite possible. If you mean conjunctivitis by sore eyes, I don't think it is correct. Because conjunctivitis refering to the conjunctiva infections or allergic reaction, which can't be caused by migraine. Usually patients with migraine woule become very sensitive to light and sound. Brightness and noise would enlarge the suffering. It is recommended for the patients to have rest in dark and quite room. Migraine doesn't attack people in sleeping. So if you can, try to sleep, which can help.