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Are blocked tear ducts dangerous?

I was diagnosed blocked tear ducts yesterday. I here just want to know if blocked tear ducts a dangerous diseases? Do you have any suggestion on cure it?
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  • b1eedingthrough


    Don't worry. It is not dangerous, but very uncomfortable. Tear is very important to eyes, because it can nourish cells, kill bacteria, wash out the dirts and lubricate eyes. Glands in eyelids are produce tears. After eyes are lubricated, tear will travel down to nasal cavity through internal path. Once this path is blocked, tear can't get drained so that your eyes would be very watery. The dirts and bacteria would accumulate at the corners of eyes so that it is very easy to get infection. You might find blue and green thick discharge. It is so annoying rather than dangerous. The good way to bread through the blockage is massage at the corner of eyes and near to the bridge of nose. Keep wash your eyes clean with saline solution, which can help control infection. Apply some warm compress.
  • Sue Livingston


    Blocked tear ducts appear when your eye's drainage system for tear is obstructed, partially or completely. And you will find that your eyes get watery, irritated and infected. Ordinarily speaking, Blocked tear ducts are not very dangerous diseases but still need enough attention and treatment. Speaking of the treatment of blocked tear ducts, I have several suggestions for you here. Firstly, for babies' congenital blocked tear ducts, a special massage technique is recommended to help open up the membrane covering the lower opening into your baby's nose. This is to put pressure on the lacrimal sac to pop open the membrane at the bottom of the tear duct. Secondly, blocked tear ducts caused by facial injuries will get cured on their own after some time and do not need any treatment. Thirdly, the most preferred treatment for chronic blocked tear ducts are surgeries such as stenting and intubation.
  • Dixie Mentry


    Yes. It is dangerous situation when you suffered from blocked tear ducts. Because once you get blocked tear ducts, you tear won't draining the way they should. Your tears will remain in the drainage system that will increases the growing of bacteria, viruses and fungi. So, you shall treat it immediately when you find that you got blocked tear ducts.
  • Justin williams


    Yes! I suggest you to get a professional doctor to begin treatment. The surgery to reconstruct the passageway may be needed to re-establish normal tear drainage, A blocked tear duct can develop into a dangerous situation. Because your tears aren't draining the way they should, the tears that remain in the drainage system become stagnant, promoting growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. These organisms can lead to recurrent eye infections and inflammation.