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What to wear with black glasses?

I have bought a pair of black glasses. What should i wear to look good with the black glasses? Any idea?
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  • cdale


    The black color will be matched with all other colors. If you want to show the attractive and amazing look, the red clothes matching with black frame glasses will absolutely cause the attraction on the color. However, the white casual clothing will be suitable to the black glasses, too which will look natural and casual.
  • Luis


    You are really wise person. It is easy to match black glasses. They can match almost any style of clothes. You can wear business suit when you wear black glasses, It will make you look smart and reliable. Besides, you can also wear black eyeglasses when you worn skirt or some fashion style clothes. Besides, black glasses is also match any colors of clothes and hairs. So, just wear any clothes you want.
  • Robert Potter


    Well, generally speaking, I will suggest you dress clothes which are in dark colors. For example, you can just wear black suit. In my opinion, maybe it will be attractive for you. Nowadays, there are many people who wear black glasses dress dark. Anyway, it is a principle that dark sunglasses are going with dark dress. Besides, you also should pay attention to the size of the glasses you wear. If your glasses are big, you should know something below. Maybe you can try to wear a casual long white shirt and add a V-neck sweater with nude color outside. In that way, it will make you look casual, but if you dress with big glasses. It just makes your image become fashionable. Anyway, lively and casual clothing with the big frame will let you become the focus in the crowd. So you may have a try.

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