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Where to buy rudy project sunglasses?

Rudy project sunglasses is cool. I want to get a pair. Can you recommend me a online shop to go? I don't want fake rudy project sunglasses.
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  • David Safir


    Well, as a matter of fact, Rudy project is an Italian brand which focuses on a wide range of products, including sports wear and sunglasses for outdoor activities. And it would not be hard for you to spot them over the Internet. I should recommend Ebay and Amazon to you, maybe you will regard them as websites full of fakes, however, it depends on your ability to tell authenticity. Meanwhile, you might as well contact their hotline to see where you can buy.
  • Robert


    The price of rudy project sunglasses is so high that will absolutely make you be amazing. You could go to the online shop to buy one because the price there is relatively cheaper than those in the franchise stores. If you are afraid to buy the fake ones online, you could go to the ebay or amazon which owns the high reputation.