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Is kaiser permanente a good place to buy glasses ?

Is anyone who have bought glasses from kaiser permanente? Are they good? Any idea?
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  • Barry


    Kaiser Permanente is an online corporation focus more on health nursing. So I don't think it's the best place to buy glasses. But it is a good place to buy glasses, because there you can get information, and you can compare different options. And it is convenient and easy to compare the plans. There are a number of options and you can get a plenty of information to help you make a choice. But the price may not the cheapest. You may also try those places such as Costco, Empire Vision Center, and For Eyes Optical to buy glasses.
  • Paul Hathone


    My friend has bought the glasses from the kaiser permanente last month. She says the quality is good which can be seen the high sense of quality in the lenses and frame. In addition, she speaks highly of the design of the eyeglasses which is so novel. And she thinks the price is suitable. In a word, it is worthy to buy one from there.

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