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Does the base curve on contact lenses matter?

My eye doctor prescribed me the contact lenses with a base curve of 8.7. Is it Ok if i wear contact lenses with a base curve of 8.4 or 8.9?
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  • Linda


    No, you'd better not wear the contact lenses with not suitable base curve. If you do, you may find that it is easy to drop the contact lenses in the eyes. And you will not feel comfortable. Thus, you should be strongly suggested to wear the contact lenses with base curve of 8.7 that is recommended from the doctor.
  • Ronda


    You'd better listen to your doctor's advices. Only the right base curve contact lenses, you can get a comfortable wearing. If you Want to switch other brands of contact lenses or other type of contact lenses, you need to call your doctor and ask his/her advices to as to make sure it is OK for your eyes. Anyway, your eyes is the best important thing.
  • eiri_des


    The meaning of the contacts' base curve is the curve of radian. I can give you a analogy for the easily understanding, the base curve of a bowl vs a dish, the dish's base curve is more strong than the dish's. Only the suitable base curved contacts would bring you comfortable feeling of wearing. The strong base curve will not lock on the eyeballs, it will be easy to slide on the surface of your eyeballs. It will be unfixed with the location of contacts in your eyes; if it goes to the opposite, the contacts will too fasten to lock on the eyeballs, it will lead oxygen lack, and it will hurt your eyes in a long term. So, the over range of the base curse will do harm to your eyes. You must choose a suitable one for your eyes health.
  • Sandy Hazeltine


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