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What happens if contacts freeze?

What happens if my contact lenses freeze? What should i do right now?
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  • fergus


    If the contact lenses freeze, it will easily get reshaped after it gets into the warm environment. However, it may also be ripped after you get the freeze contact lenses out of the solution. They will be broken. You'd better not cause the contact lenses to get freeze. Or else, it will be easily broken which should not be used again.
  • Elijah leslie


    It is normal the contacts freeze when you put it in very cold place. But nothing should happen to the frozen contact lenses. You can just take your contact lenses to a warm places or at thaw naturally at room temperature. Just let the froze contact lenses thaw naturally. Then, the contact lenses still be able to wear if you need it.
  • Nicholas carter


    In my opinion, you can put your contact lenses at room temperature. By allowing them to thaw naturally at room temperature, they can be reshaped like before for contact lenses are made of plastics, they are flexible. But on the other hand, when you are wearing contacts, you should be more careful about the infection, so that it can not lead to some eye diseases, such as the pink eyes.
  • Jackson


    It won't happen anything to your contact lenses. You should bring your lenses to a warm place in order to thaw your lenses. Though your lenses won't be affected, I think before you wear them, you should use contact solution to clean them. Be sure it is clean enough for you wear.