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Caroline bell


How to make sunken eyes less visible?

It is terrible to get sunken eyes. IS there anyway to make my sunken eyes less visible?
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  • evet


    Well, actually it is awful to have sunken eyes. They can just make you look very tired and lose the fresh feeling. So just take some measures to reduce them. First, you can some moisture, like L'Oreal Active Daily Moisture Lotion. You can just put them on your whole face, and especially under my eyes. For a long time, it will tighten the skin and make it glow in a healthy way. This is the website where you can get the products, and just link to besides, you can also take some ways to have a good sleeping. Also, drinking more water and eating some fruits will be effective too.
  • california_lovv


    The best way is to try to get rid of sunken eyes. Usually, sunken eyes are accompanied with dark circles. To treat sunken eyes, you can adopt the follow home remedies. 1. Use slice of potato or cucumber on your closes eyes. It help soften the delicate skin. 2. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is also very helpful to the eyes. It can help remove dead skin and debris accumulated on the skin. 3. You shall keep in mind that take plenty of fluids that keep you are well hydrated.