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Otis Crockett


Are pistachios good for my eyes?

Are pistachios good for my eyes? If i take many pistachios. What benefits can i get from pistachios?
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  • walkamong123


    Yes, pistachios are good for eyes. The intensity of chewing has an effect on improving eyesight. Ocular ciliary muscle has the function of adjusting the crystalline lens of eyeball, however, such function depends on facial muscle strength, which can be enhanced by chewing. Pistachios are tough, so taking them can benefit your eyes. Pistachios are nutritious food which contain carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, Nicotinic acid and mineral substance. They are good for your skin and brain and they prevent you from suffering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. In addition, they have the free radical scavenging capacity and reduce the rate of sudden cardiac death. Also, they adjust blood fat. But you should not take too many pistachios in case that you might put on weight due to over nutrition.
  • Miranda hall


    Yes, of course, it is good for your eyes. Generally speaking, Pistachios are well popular with many people who want to make their body become health. First, you should know that Pistachios is very beneficial for your eyes. For example, Pistachios can help to reduce the risk of macular degeneration, which is known as the most common cause of visual loss in older individuals. As we know that Pistachios are good sources of two important carotenods, lutein and zeaxanthin, compounds. So that it can help to ward off this common eye condition. Also, Carotenoids are strong antioxidants which can offset cell injury and damage. So it will be effective to protect one of your visions. Besides, it also can do a good job to your heart, so you should not miss it.
  • walgru


    Yes, the pisachios are good for the eyes. The pistachios richly contain the arginine which can not only alleviate the occurrence of arterial sclerosis but also help reduce blood fat. In addition, it still can reduce the risk of heart attack, lower cholesterol, alleviate the acute stress reaction and so on. Scondly, it has great benefits for the eye vision. Containing the anthocyanin, pistachio is a kind of natural antioxidants which contains rich lutein that not only can resist oxidation but also to protect the retina to keep it in good state. What's more, it can keep your body in the slender state. If you eat on 28 grams every day, your mood will be happy. At the same time, it will help you control weight. It has so many benefits. It can help you improve the vision because of the containing lutein we have just talked about in the second benefit.