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What are benefits of ginseng for eyes?

What benefits can i get if i intake many ginseng ? Is that good for my eyes?
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  • castro_jan


    The intake of the ginseng is very helpful for the health, including good for the eyes. It can regulate the central nervous system which may make the tired state release to the smallest part. It can also promote the brain to energy material use, improving the learning and memory ability. The ginseng enhances learning and memory ability of the effective components in ginseng saponin, including ginsenoside Rb1 and Rg1. It can improve the heart function, decrease the blood sugar function, improve the immune system and the role of antioxygenation. In a word, the intake of ginseng will be beneficial for a lot of function in the body which may directly moisture the eyes and make the eyes look bright.
  • Kathleen


    From the ginseng, we know there are more than 30 kinds of panaxoside. Ginseng saponin is the main component of ginseng. In addition to organic acids and esters, there are polypeptide and arginine, lysine, glycine, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid as well as 17 kinds of amino acid. Vitamins which it contained are: vitamin (Vitamine) B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, Nicotinic acid (Nicotinic acid), Folic acid (Folic acid), pantothenic acid, Biotin (Biotin) and nicotinamide. Traditional Chinese medicine has always take thought of the main nutrients are gathered in the roots. From the above, you can see so much of nutrients here in the ginseng, many of them are very usefull to keep your eyes healthy, for e.g. vitamin A and B group as well as other minerals. It will be no bad to your eyes!
  • Riley eddy


    Ginseng is a kind of herb that can boost humans' energy. It is available as an extract or in pill and capsule form. but it's not advised for children or individuals taking MAOIs, blood thinners, stimulants, and cardiac or blood pressure medications. Because of its extremely febrile characteristic,you are not ought to intake that much of it. For eyes, it's better not to intake that much,if you do so,your 'll have feverish eyes soon or latter.

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