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Thomas oliver


Are transition sunglasses good for children?

My daughter is getting new sunglasses soon and I am considering transition lenses for her. Do you or your kids like them? Are they good for children?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    Children are outside more frequently than adults and they are often go from outside to inside, so transition sunglasses are good for children. Transition sunglasses will turn dark when UV rays hit the lenses and go back to clear when they are away from UV rays. Children who often go outdoors and indoors don't have to switch between sunglasses and regular eyeglasses. When they go outdoors, transition sunglasses will become dark just like sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays. When they go indoors, the transition sunglasses will become clear to allow them to see clearly.
  • Marissa


    As we all know that kids would always like to play out of door, they are likely to go outside and inside. From this point, they are more likely to suffer from the sunshine than adults. Therefore, the transition sunglasses are much better for their eyes. Transition sunglasses will reduce the strong harms of sunshine to eyes and provent the UV rays. Wearing transition sunglasses, kids would receive less sunshine and adapt to the outside environment much quickly. Generally speaking, transition sunglasses are great helpers for kids' eyes.