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Is fennel seeds good for your eyes ?

Are fennel seeds good for eyes? What benefit can i get from eating the fennel seeds?
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  • b0rkb0rkb0rk


    Well, yes, it is very beneficial for your eyes. As we know that fennel seeds can be very good for our body' health, and especially for our eyes, you can use them. For example, by using them, they do a good job to your Puffy eye, sore eyes or blood shot eyes. You can soak fennel seeds in 1 cup of water and filter it with a sieve. And then just Wash your eyes with this water for a long time. And it can relieve your symptom. Besides, you can hew fennel seeds every day without sugar, so that your blood will get purified in a few days. Also, complexion of skin will also be enhanced. Anyway, it is very beneficial for you. Just have a try.
  • Kyle


    Yes. fennel seeds is good supplement for eyes. Intake some fennel seeds can help fix some eye problems. I read on an articles online that says fennel seeds are effective in treating itchy eyes, red eyes, dry eyes and swollen eyes. Besides, fennel seeds eye baths can also help to clean your eyes out of dust and irritants. Hope this can help you.
  • Jada shelley


    Sure fennel seeds are good for eyes. Fennel seeds contain the following nutrients, that may promote healthy eyes and good vision. These nutrients include vitamin A and vitamin C, these antioxidants can help protect your eyes against macular degeneration, which can lead to vision loss. These nutrients may also help about cataracts, which may cause vision changes. Besides, fennel seeds can be made into an eyewash, which and be used to sure sore eyes, and to relieve conjunctivitis.


    Yes, eating fennel seeds is good for the eyes. They contain the main ingredients as fennel oil which can stimulate gastrointestinal nerve and blood vessels, promote digest fluid secretion, increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate stored up gas and have stomach protecting effect. Sometimes gastrointestinal peristalsis is excited and can be reduced which can help relieve spasm and alleviate pain. In addition, the fennel seeds have different degree of antibacterial action which can stimulate gastrointestinal nerve and blood vessels, promote saliva and gastric secretion, rise to increase appetite and help digestion role. Thus, the whole body is healthy and the eyes will be moisture. It has great effect on the eyes. If you are the office man who needs to use the computer for a long time every day, you could eat the fennel seeds.

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