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Brooke peters


Why do i feel like something is in my eyes when i take my contacts out?

I am a new contact user. I don't know why I often feel like there is something in my eyes when I take off my contacts? Can you tell me the reason? Need I see an eye doctor immediately?
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  • Mii


    I think you may have an infection on the inside of your eyelids. You may feel that there is something in your eyes every time you blink your eyes because the abstraction between the surface of your eyes and the irritated parts caused that feeling. I think you may need to give up contacts for several days. And give your eyes a few days or a week to recover. But I think you'd better see an eye doctor first. Good luck!
  • walkyr


    As you is a new contact user. I think maybe it is a common phenomenon to feel there is something in your eyes every time you put on your contacts and take off your contacts. It will take you a few days or even weeks to adapt to the contacts using. Good luck!
  • Benjamin


    When I began to wear contacts, I often felt that there were foreign objects in my eyes too. And I also felt uncomfortable even though I had taken off my contacts. I think maybe it is normal and doesn't need to see an eye doctor. You can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes after you take off your contacts. And you need to wash your hands with soaps carefully before putting on or taking off contacts.
  • Rebecca


    Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and constant "lens awareness" could indicate a poorly fitting lens.

    Lenses come in many combinations of diameter and curvature. If your lenses have the wrong diameter or base curve, you'll likely feel that something is always in your eye.
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