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Is it good luck if my right eye is twitching?

Oh, my right eye is twitching again. Does this mean that I will have good luck soon?
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  • crystal_jade13


    Dude, I don't believe the eye twitching superstitions. I often have a twitching eye in the last few months. But there is nothing special happened. Maybe the eye twitching was caused by great pressure and lack of sleep. I have tried many ways to relieve my twitching eyelid. You can have a try too. You can click to view the answers under this question. What can you do to make your eye stop twitching? Good luck!
  • Matthew baker


    Well, I find the eye twitching superstations in many countries, you can have a look. Different country will take this symptom in different ways. It's interesting. What does it mean when your left eye is twitching superstition? There are many different answers and they also tell us that what it means when our right eye is twitching.
  • Julio G.


    sweetie, if you believe in the eye twitching superstition then I will tell you that the right eye twitching means bad luck in my country. But I think the superstations are ridiculous. You can take them for fun, while can't take them seriously because they are lack of science basis. There are many possible causes for your eye twitching. If you are often lack of sleep, you may get a twitching eye in the end.

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